Thursday, 7 August 2008

This Wide Night

Last Thursday, courtesy of The Morning Star, I was given press tickets for This Wide Night at the Soho Theatre. It’s a play by Chloe Moss and comes out of workshops with women in prison and was produced by Clean Break who - in the words of the programme – “use theatre for personal and political change, working with women whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system”.

Now, I like the Soho Theatre. It concentrates on new writing and seems to provide an annual platform for my favourite family friendly live band, The Tiger Lillies. The seating has a decent rake and the bar/restaurant next door is spacious. Just before a show starts, though, you can go to the terrace bar just outside the theatre entrance. It has a narrow balcony high above Dean Street and it’s quite exhilarating to stand on it sipping wine.

My review of This Wide Night can been seen here

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